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CIFRE PhD thesis

The aim of this thesis PhD thesis is to develop an innovative solution for the characterisation of radioactive waste drums that combines an automated measurement system and a specific reconstruction algorithm for the identification of hot spots and the determination of package activity. This innovative method will improve performance and reduce uncertainty compared to current conventional methods. 

Robot for surface contamination measurement


It is a robot measuring surface contamination α, β/γ, with a configurable and self-adjusting mesh for better accuracy according to geostatistical principles. A 3D mapping is obtained thanks to the complementarity between the robot that covers the ground surface a connected module. The resulting 3D mapping allows the decommissioning of a room or the decision making for future decontamination actions.

Sewer robot

A second pipe inspection robot is being developed to complement Piperim. This robot does not meet the same environmental constraints; It will navigate in unhindered pipes with diameters from 100 to 200 mm with the possibility of navigating through horizontal and vertical bends of up to 90°. 

Recovery : a disinfection and decontamination robot

ReCOVery is a robot capable of decontaminating and disinfecting a room (hospital room, cloakroom, etc.) in 30 minutes thanks to a decontamination system using pulsed UV light and a virucidal sprayer. It is a collaborative project with the companies STERIXENE, SIREA and FADILEC which was born during the first containment. 


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