Purchase of sensor robots

Buy a sensor robot

The purchase of a sensor robot is a financial solution that allows you to use a robot-sensor when you need it and without constraints. 

The advantages of buying a sensor robot

A robot that belongs to you

You own the robot and you inspect as much as you like. 

Quality after-sales service

We are there after the acquisition of a robot for any request or need. 

Regular updates

A remote update of the SLAM or HMI when it is to be updated

Why move from humans to sensor robots?

Limiting operator risks

The sensor robots are autonomous and able to carry out all kinds of operations on their own.

Ensuring the reliability of the data collected

The data collected is reliable.

Ensuring the speed of operations

The robot sensor performs a mission faster and more efficiently than an operator in the field.

Thanks to our autonomous sensor robots

Our robot sensors are autonomous, lightweight and wireless.

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